Get involved with other students and have a positive experience during high school.  Below are clubs and/or organizations, listed with the sponsor/director in charge.  Feel free to contact these people for more information!  Some clubs/organizations may require an application and/or interview.

Application for School-Sponsored Student Academic Organizations

Application for Student-Initiated and Led Clubs

School Sponsored Activities

Name of Organization Purpose Staff Advisor

Active Minds

Active Minds is for students with an interest in mental health professions, those who live with a mental health issue, and anyone who wants to learn more.

Meg Griffin

Cycling Club

The mission of the PHS Cycling Team is build strong bodies, strong minds and strong character through cycling, regardless of ability and to provide students the camaraderie that will help them achieve both competitive and non-competitive cycling goals in a safe and enjoyable manner.

Suzanne Spezzano


In DECA you will have the opportunity to obtain leadership skills that will give you a head start toward a real career, and have a positive effect on your community.  Are you interested in sports and entertainment marketing, in the travel or hospitality business, in fashion, in a retail career, in advertising or in the restaurant trade?  Activities and skills in these and any other marketing specialty are available to you in DECA.

Dave Long & Jeremy Johner

Drama Club/International Thespian Society

The PHS Drama Club welcomes all students with an interest in theatre, film, and performing arts. The club meets weekly for theatre and improv games, technical theatre workshops, guest artists, club event rehearsals, and more! The club offers a dynamic and fun opportunity for students interested in acting, directing, costuming, stagecraft, lighting, special effects, and more, to get together in a supportive and exciting community. The club sponsors several performance events each year, and supports our Poudre Theatre mainstage productions and our theatre classes. In addition, students earn experience for induction in our chartered troupe of the International Thespian Society, a global honors society that supports students in theatre through workshops, conferences, scholarships, college auditions, and more.

Joel Smith

Environmental Club

Service and Environmental Club is an extracurricular club where students can be involved in community-based service projects. The emphasis is on local service projects that have a direct impact on Poudre High School and Ft. Collins. Projects that Service & Environmental Club have been involved in over the years are: Homeless gear, Inter-generational Prom, Angel Tree, Linus blankets, mitten project, Respite Care, PHS recycling, PHS energy audit, Musical Zoo, packing and distributing meals to the homeless,  Poudre River & park clean ups, toiletries' drive & distribution. Each year, students decide what projects to undertake and are eligible for "lettering" in service.

Kelly Suto


FBLA brings business and education together, allowing students to compete and demonstrate problem solving skills, creativity and innovation.  Students compete in events like: Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Business Ethics, Global Business and many more. Dave Long & Jeremy Johner


FCCLA stands for Family, Career and Community Leaders of America. FCCLA is a student led organization relating to the field of Family Consumer Sciences. FCCLA works to improve issues relating to family, work, and community. Poudre students have the opportunity to participate in service projects for their community. Poudre students also have the opportunity to pursue personal projects in the topics of culinary, fashion design, interior design, education, entrepreneurship, and many others, that they can compete with at state conference to potentially win college scholarships. FCCLA is great opportunity for those students interested in FCS topics, improving societal issues, and learning great leadership skills!

Hanny Gaffney & Mandy Johnson

Film Club

This club engages students in analysis of a variety of film technique, film types, and genres while maintaining a fun, collaborative and participatory environment.

Monique Eckhoff


This is for students interested in pursuing medical careers.  Students prepare and compete at a state level in events that test their knowledge of medical technique, information and innovation.

Judy Whitman & Susan O’Meara

Impala Coding Club

Impala Coding Club is for anyone!  It doesn't matter if you have never written a line of code in your life or have been doing it since you were 2 years old.  We learn new skills in programming to create amazing projects. There are several coding competitions that we compete in. Contact Mr. Breshears for more info about how to get plugged in.

Robert Breshear

Impala Connectors

This is an organization made up of students that are interested in welcoming new students and helping them feel at home at Poudre High School by giving tours, connecting them to clubs/activities, and generally helping them navigate the school’s physical and cultural space.  With a high population of transitioning students, we know that helping them connect quickly on a peer-to-peer basis is essential.

Matt Miltenberg & Kathleen McCormack

Key Club

Key Club is a service-learning organization that does a variety of service projects for the PHS community. Most of the projects vary year to year depending on the student's ideas for that year. One of the consistent projects is the PHS Food Pantry: The PHS Food Pantry is integral part of the Annual Feed our Families Food Drive that gives a monthly "hand up" of basic food items to Poudre Families. This program was founded in 2016. In 2018 a weekend lunch program was started to assist students with food over weekends.

Joe Fontana

Knowledge Bowl

Knowledge Bowl originated in 1976 in Durango, Colorado as a chance for students to compete academically. KB involves a team of four students answering written and oral questions covering a variety of academic disciplines. 

Kristy Bibbey

Math Club Mu Alpha Theta

Math Club is for students of all math abilities who enjoy learning about and sharing their knowledge of mathematics. The PHS Math Club consists of three components: 1) Service - Students spend time tutoring other students and participate in fundraising activities to help students in need. 2) Competition - Students attend CSU Math Day and participate in other mathematics competitions throughout the year. 3) Activities - Students participate in other math related activities throughout the year.  

Elissa Pitts

Mock Trial

Mock Trial is an after school competitive group that allows students to think fast and battle with their wits. We work with trial lawyers (Criminal defense attorneys) and prepare a state-provided case for plaintiff/prosecution and defense. In competition we present the case against other schools in an attempt to out maneuver, outwit, and out perform in order to win our case. Participants can be a lawyer, witness, or expert witness and have a truly authentic experience as a member of a court including real district judges, with legal council adjudicators when at competition. Join us if you want to have fun, have interest in legal procedures, and want to learn how to think and maneuver in tough situations.

Chris Glatfelter

National Art Honor Society

The purpose of the National Art Honor Society is to provide students, who are interested in multiple forms of art, the opportunity to meet new people, have fun, express themselves artistically and be recognized for their efforts and abilities.  Students may also have the opportunity to create an art project with connections to the school or community.

Sara Harris & Dave Nichols

National Honor Society

NHS is an organization that recognizes academic excellence.  Through coursework requirements and grade point averages, individuals are inducted into this prestigious society.  This exceptional group of Junior and Seniors work together to exemplify the Four Pillars of the NHS organization: Service, Leadership, Scholarship, and Character.

Kelly Motichka

National Science Bowl

National Science Bowl® (NSB) is a highly competitive science education and academic event among teams of high school  students who compete in a fast-paced verbal forum to solve technical problems and answer questions in all branches of science and math. Regional and national events encourage student involvement in math and science activities of importance to the Department of Energy and the Nation.

Adam McBride

National Technical Honor Society

The purpose of this organization is to promote the ideals of honest, service, leadership, and career development among the career and technical students of Poudre. The honor society rewards meritorious achievement and encourages career and technical education students in their pursuit of educational and career goals. It is also meant to provide career and tech students with a greater awareness of the world of work.

Wendy Tomaschow

Ocean Bowl

The is an academic competition and program that addresses a national gap in environmental and earth sciences in public education by introducing high school students to and engaging them in ocean science, preparing them for ocean science-related and other STEM careers, and helping them become knowledgeable citizens and environmental stewards

Adam McBride

Poudre’s Readers Society

We are a group of people who love to read books and we also like to take on challenges. As a result, we focus on easy to read classical literature. We get together during lunch every other week to talk about what we are reading, to support each other in taking on a challenge, and to get to know other book lovers.  We read 3 books a year.

Stephanie Mosnik


We are a group of students who share an interest in science and technology, and it's application to real-world engineering. We may design and build robots, but our team is much more than that. Our mission is to be a student-run team that works together to participate in FIRST Robotics competitions. FIRST, which stands for "For Inspiration of Science and Technology", is an international organization that strives to inspire young people to become science and technology leaders. Every year we are given a new challenge, or game, that involves competing in alliances to score against the opposing alliance. This may involve driving over obstacles, shooting balls into hoops, hanging the robot from a bar, or even deploying a "mini-bot" to climb a pole. By building a robot to perform these challenges, students learn how to work as a team along with engineers in the community who act as mentors. Students on the team learn valuable skills that translate into future careers.

Alan Charters & Nathan Savig

Science Olympiad

Science Olympiad functions much like a sports team, requiring preparation, commitment, coaching and practice throughout the year. Each school-based team is allowed to bring 15 students who cross-train for a variety of events in their skill set. Science Olympiad competitions are like academic track meets, consisting of a series of 23 team events. Each year, a portion of the events are rotated to reflect the ever-changing nature of genetics, earth science, chemistry, anatomy, physics, geology, mechanical engineering and technology. Emphasis is placed on active, hands-on group participation.

Kraig Burleson

Service Club

Service and Environmental Club is an extracurricular club where students can be involved in community-based service projects.  The emphasis is on local service projects that have a direct impact on Poudre High School and Ft. Collins. Projects that Service & Environmental Club have been involved in over the years are:  

Homeless gear, Inter-generational Prom, Angel Tree, Linus blankets, mitten project, Respite Care, PHS recycling, PHS energy audit, Musical Zoo, packing and distributing meals to the homeless,  Poudre River & park clean ups, toiletries' drive & distribution. Each year, students decide what projects to undertake and are eligible for "lettering" in service.

Kelly Suto


Spectrum brings together both gay and straight students to socialize, discuss current issues in the LGBTQ community as well as other social/life issues, engage in book studies, promote awareness among students/staff/community, attend diversity conferences, participate in service activities and take part in school wide events.

Lori Miller

Speech & Debate

The Poudre Speech and Debate team gives students the chance to improve their public speaking, research, persuasive writing and acting ability. Members will get the chance to choose from a number events ranging from debating a number of current world issues in different formats, craft speeches to either inform or persuade, or act out dramatic or humorous scripts.Debaters will learn to debate both sides of a topic, and in the process become better listeners. Speech students will learn how to gain and maintain the focus on their audience while keeping them on the edge of their seat. Actors will learn how to help convey a feeling through different readings and help their audience gain empathy for their characters. The team competes in formal tournaments against other schools across the nation, all while raising students’ self-confidence as well. Coaches will provide the all the materials and know how needed to start! Practices are currently on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school from 3:20 till 5. If you would like to know any more information email Mr. Berry at or drop by practice in 206!

Ben Berry & Rigo Castillon

Student Initiated Activities

Name of Organization Purpose Meeting Day/Time/Location Student Contact Staff Advisor

American Sign Language Club

Teaching students the basics of sign language through games and activities, to get people interested in ASL and deaf culture.

Lunch on Tuesdays

Room 219

Lynny Sharp Krista Brakhage

Anime Club

A place for students to get together to be creative, get new ideas, and have fun.

Lunches Thurs/Fri Room 303 Anais Flores Rick Ney

The Cadence Riley Force

A group of students who participate in videos by the Cadence Riley Force.

Lunch every other Tues beginning Oct.15

Media Center

Cadence Riley Stephanie Mosnik

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

To bring together athletes of faith, strengthen faith, friendships and develop leaders for our sports

Lunch on Tuesday

Casey Kraft Barrett Golyer

Pickleball Club 

To learn the rules of pickleball and play with other students

4:15 pm on Tuesdays

Nov. 5 - Dec. 17

Room #224

& the Commons

Andrew Mohan Laura Ecton

RC Club

To bring together students who enjoy RC cars, to have fun, develop their hobby and skill, and have competitions.

Lunch, Mon/Wed/Fri

Library MakerSpace

Marco Caterisano Matt Benson

Story Making Club

A safe place for people to gather to tell about and to create stories.

Lunch on Wed. & Fri.

Room 217

Kangy Zhao Beth Bratschun

Ultimate Frisbee

For those interested in building relationships on campus, meeting other students, and being rad while playing Ultimate Lunch on Wed Big Gym Rachel Valerius Enrique Trejo

YANA - You Are Never Alone

A support group for students on different topics.

Lunch on Monday

Room 318

Jessie Olson Kraig Burleson