Learning Lab

The Learning Lab is open before and after school from 7:15am-4:15pm and is located in Room 216.  The Learning Lab at Poudre High School is a safe, collaborative work environment in which students can come to work on assignments and projects and get help in the areas of Math, Physics, Science, Spanish, Music Theory, editing of papers and help with the workstation programs that the students routinely use to complete assignments. We have 11 workstations and employ two full-time tutors. A.J. Pyle has his degree in Economics and Mathematics and Abigail Ross has an degree in health and exercise science. We have occasional volunteers in the areas of ESL English Literature, and calculus. Additionally the students’ teachers have the ability to drop off quizzes and assignments for students who need to make up work.  We average 200 daily visits from students, and the teachers, particularly in the mathematics department, are noticing an improvement in the understanding and application of the concepts required in class.