AP Exam Registration Information

This information was emailed to all students and parents.  One note about fee waivers:  Any student who is not eligible for Free and Reduced Lunch, and did not fill out the correct paperwork in the fall, will not be eligible for assistance.

IMPORTANT! Any student taking an AP exam who is eligible for a fee waiver (necessary paperwork was distributed to all AP classes last fall):

  • Due to Federal Government budget cutbacks, you are now required to pay a reduced fee of $15 per exam (for the first 3 exams) and $53 for each additional exam. 
  • You must register for AP exams no later than Friday, March 9, to receive the reduced fee. If you register after March 9 (late registration is March 19-21), you will be responsible for the entire cost of $97 per exam ($87 per exam plus a $10 late registration fee).