Celebrate PHS Honor Bands and Orchestras!

Happy New Year!

The Poudre Bands had a great showing this year with the various honor bands and orchestras we've auditioned for.  Here's a quick list of who made what:

Nicole Knebel – Flute; NoCo Honor Band

Sophie Lockwood – Flute; NoCo Honor Band

Lindsey Deringer – Oboe; NoCo Honor Band

Cathy Choi – Clarinet; NoCo Honor Band

Omar Alessa – Bass Clarinet; CSU Honor Band

Eric Schmid – Tenor Sax; NoCo Honor Band, 1st Chair CSU Honor Band!

Tarah Vijayasarathy – Bari Sax; 1st Chair Combined League Honor Jazz Band!

Greg Bridges – Trumpet; NoCo Honor Band, CSU Honor Band

Emma Wilcox – Trumpet; CSU Honor Band

Ivan Schmich-Kinney – Trombone; 1st Chair All-State Orchestra!, All-State Band, 1st Chair NoCo Honor Band!

Spencer Zweifel – Trombone; NoCo Honor Band (2nd Chair), 1st Chair Combined League Honor Jazz Band! Piano; 1st Alternate All-State Jazz Band, Combined League Honor Jazz Band! Euphonium; NoCo Honor Band

Kevin Kang – Percussion; CSU Honor Band

You'll note a few first chair players, which we're excited about.  Special congrats to Ivan Schmich Kinney for being named Principal (1st chair) Trombone of the All-State Orchestra.  That's the quivalent of State Champ!  Also to Spencer Zweifel for making all kinds of groups on all kinds of instruments (he actually had to pick which instrument he wanted to play in 2 of the groups)  AND... he's really a tuba player!

Corry Petersen
Director of Bands