Congratulations, Poudre Science Olympiad Team!

April 2014 - Please congratulate Poudre Science Olympiad Team members for their efforts in Saturday's State meet on Mines campus in Golden!!  Poudre's first team finished a very close 2nd to Fossil Ridge, who won for the first time.

Poudre placed first in 8 events:

  1. Boomilever- Josh Knebel and Gage Bock
  2. Bungee Drop- Abigail Stewart and Josh Knebel
  3. Circuit Lab- Gage Bock and Josh Knebel
  4. Entomology- Leah Gelfand and Abigail Stewart
  5. Magnetic Levitated Car- Gage Bock and Chris Knebel
  6. Rocks and Minerals- Abigail Stewart and Jaeyoung Suh
  7. Scrambler Car- Chris and Josh Knebel
  8. Water Quality- Leah Gelfand and Henry Raymond

We also got second in:

  1. Experimental Design- Chelsea Lim, Soomin Suh, and Jamie Lee
  2. Forensics- Chelsea Lim and Jamie Lee
  3. Mission Possible(Rube Goldberg device)- Gage Bock and Chris Knebel

PHS finished 3rd overall in:

  1. Anatomy-Jolan von Plutzner and Chelsea Lim
  2. Compound Machines- Gage Bock and Josh Knebel
  3. Dynamic Planet-Leah Gelfand and Abigail Stewart

Poudre first team finished in the top 3 in 14 out of the 23 events.  This team has only 3 seniors on it, so look for them to return next year with first in their sights.

Other first team members include Tristan Renfry and Eszter Vigh.

Poudre's second team finished 18th and included Bhaavika Gaddam, Ahmad Esmat, Asmita Jha, Karan Jha, Ayushi Kaul, Uwe Keist, Thomas Stroup, Amelia Stewart and Ariel Roy.

Thanks for your continued support,

Jack Lundt
Tim Lenczycki
Judy Whitman