Congratulations to These PHS Music Students!

Good Morning, Poudre!

Please take a moment to congratulate students who have earned places in prestigious state music groups!  Here's a list of who's made what (so far).  If you see these kids, please tell them 'great job'!  All these groups are super competitive, with kids from all over the state auditioning.  We'll be finding out about the last couple groups over the next couple weeks, and I'll update you as the results come in.  Here's the list:


All State Choir

  • Hannah Phipps
  • Ben Wdowik
  • Breanne Johnson
  • Annabel Heacock

Western States Honor Orchestra

  • Yuqi Bian
  • Alisa Petersen
  • Warren Woo

All-State Orchestra

  • Yuqi Bian
  • Joe Han
  • Hannah Phipps
  • Jungwon Kang

​NoCo Honor Band

  • Sophie Lockwood
  • Nicole Knebel
  • Jungwon Kang
  • Emma Kirby
  • Adam Hureau
  • Daniel Kang
  • Tarah Vijayasarathy
  • Jack Clay
  • Alissa Allen
  • Greg Bridges
  • Emma Wilcox
  • Kate Fiesler
  • Spencer Zweifel
  • Ann Roberts

(Italicized kids are first chair in their sections)

Combined League Honor Jazz Band

  • Tarah Vijayasarathy
  • Spencer Zweifel
  • Max Williams

All-State Jazz Band

  • Spencer Zweifel
  • Tarah Vijayasarathy (first alternate)

Corry Petersen
Director of Bands
Poudre High School