Feed Our Famlies - 2014

This is what Poudre students accomplished with their efforts in this year’s Feed our Families Food Drive.

School/Organization receiving food

Approx. pounds of food:

Family Boxes: 85 pounds

Pay it Forward: 45 pounds

Approx. Dollar value of donated food:

Each Family box: $120

Pay it Forward box: $50

PHS families

585 Family Boxes = 49,725


Adopt/Foster families

25 Pay it Forward = 1,125


Northside Aztlan Center

32 Pay it Forward = 1,440


Centennial HS families

20 Pay it Forward = 900


FCHS families

20 Pay it Forward = 900


CLPMS families

35 Pay it Forward = 1,575


Wellington MS families

35 Pay it Forward = 1,575


Irish Elem. families

40 Pay it Forward = 1,800


Putnam Elem. families

50 Pay it Forward = 2,250


Stove Prairie Elementary families

30 Pay it Forward = 1,350


Larimer Cty Food Bank

40 Pay it Forward = 1,800


Denver Rescue Mission families

23 Pay it Forward = 1,035




Pounds of Food


Approx. value of donated food

We were also able to buy $12,000 worth of fresh food from the contributions of students, staff, families, community members and the Impala Board.

Special thanks to our grocery store partners at Albertsons, Safeway, King Soopers, Bella’s Market and to Exodus Moving for providing 1400 boxes, The Larimer County Food Bank, our custodial staff at PHS, the Staff at Poudre for all of their time and dedication, the folks of Fort Collins who an estimated 14,000 times handed a student a bag of food, Fort Collins HS Stu Co for planting the seed at Collins and of course Poudre students who put in hundreds of volunteer hours and made this happen.

Proud to be a Poudre Impala,

Joe Fontana
Assistant Principal
Activities Director
Poudre High School
970 488 6034