Letter to Students from Principal Osborne

Poudre High School Students,

In light of last Friday's trespassing incident, we are forced to tighten-up our security practices in order to ensure your safety.  This trespasser gained access to our building when a PHS student opened the locked west gym door by the training room and to let another PHS student into the building.  This door, as well as all our other exterior doors are locked after the start of classes with the exception of the front entrance and the doors into the commons for security reasons.

While it has always been the policy to enter into the building either through the front door or the rear commons door, Friday's event demonstrated how important it is to enforce this policy.

Please be aware that students that enter the building through any other door other than the front doors or through the commons after these doors are locked, will face disciplinary consequences.  The same consequence will be given for those students that open the door and allow other students into the building.  As was demonstrated last Friday, the practice of letting people in through restricted access doors, can put all of us at a security risk.

We understand the inconvenience that this poses for a lot of you and hope that you understand why it is so important to enforce this practice.

Go Poudre.

George Osborne