UNC Jazz Festival - April 25th

Five Poudre groups performed at the festival, three for ratings and two for comments only.  Jazz Band 1, Dixieland Band and Birdland Combo all recieved 1's (the top possible rating). Jazz 2 and Blue Note Combo recieved some great comments and played great!  Each group also had a terrific clinic with a nationally recognized jazz educator (UNC Jazz Fest only brings in the best!). We also had a BUNCH of outstanding soloist awards. Here's the list (who, what tune, what group).  They don't really keep track of such things, but this is the most outstanding soloist awards Poudre's had in 18 years, and I can't imagine many schools having this many kids recognized; it's a pretty big honor for the kids!

Eric Schmid - Naima - Jazz 1
Andie Neff - The Very Thought of You - Jazz 1
Tarah Vijayasarathy - Moanin' - Jazz 1
Spencer Zweifel - Moanin' - Jazz 1
Everitt Merritt - Highway 14 - Birdland
Spencer Zweifel - Highway 14 - Birdland
Spencer Zweifel - The Clan - Blue Note
Max Williams - Salsa Caliente - Jazz 2
Kelly Kepler - Too Cool - Jazz 2

I was also just informed that Eric Schmid and Andie Neff also recieved some sort of prize that will be sent to them this next week for their extra-outstanding performances with Jazz Band 1!

Our kids were awesome in every way, and represented Poudre so well!  If you see any of the jazz cats, tell them great job!  We'll maybe see about putting together a lunchtime performance so some of you can 'check out the cats blowin over some changes' (that's jazz-speak for 'listen to the students play some songs')

Corry Petersen and Chris Leonard