You must checkout from Poudre High School for the summer!

All books and your laptop are due at the end of day, Thursday, May 29th.  You may turn them in earlier if you have confirmed with your teachers that you do not need them for final exams.  These are the steps in the check out process:
  1. Pick up your check out sheet, if you haven't already done so, at the front office attendance window.
  2. Turn in all library books and textbooks. Get these stamps from the media center.
  3. Take the Naviance survey.  Get this stamp in the counseling office.
  4. Ask an available janitor, hall monitor or dean to check your cleaned out locker.  Though we would prefer to do it during the dedicated times, Tuesday (May 27th) 1:00-2:00 PM or Thursday (May 28th) 10:00-11:30; during those times you can be assured there will be a staff member in the vicinity with a stamp at the ready.
  5. Turn in your completed, stamped check out sheet to Ms. Buchwald, the cashier, who will be in the Media Center on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Otherwise, she will be in her office next to the attendance office.