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Health information for parents and students.

Health Office

The Health Office is located near the Attendance Office, and is staffed 10am to 2pm daily by Justina French, Health Tech, who can be reached at 488-6050.  Phone messages after 2pm will be picked up the following day.  If immediate help is needed please call the Main Office at 488-6200 or the School Nurse Sheri Furlott, RN at 556-5904.  She is in the Health Office all day Mondays.

The following services are available for students and staff during school hours:
- first aid
- a place to rest.. if feeling sick, waiting for medication to start working
- medication dispensing with proper permission.. see "Forms" below
- immunization records upon request
- health information

The Health Office stays continually in touch with the Larimer County Health Department on current local events, including immunization requirements and public health updates. We will pass along information to you through this page.

What's New?

Current health matters of concern and important announcements.

Needing health insurance?
Child Healh Plan Plus (CHP+) is low cost health insurance for Colorado children and pregnant women. For information call 1-800-359-1991. En español.
Wanting to know more about teen issues?
Teens Health offers current and reliable answers to your questions or concerns. This page offers a fantastic resource for teens to find reliable information and answers to many questions about sleep problems, HIV/AIDS, STDs, texting while driving, headaches, stomach aches, suicide, and many more.  En español.
Have questions about diabetes?


For students who have a medical or health concern that may require special attention while they are at school.

For medication given or taken at school, the Authorization Release form must be completed (one form for each medication). Over-the-counter treatments, such as Advil, Aleve, Ibuprofen, Tylenol, Midol, antacids…all require an Authorization Release and must be kept in the Health Office. If your student wishes to carry the medication or over-the-counter treatment, he/she is limited to one day's dosage and it must be in its original container. In this case, a High School Self-Carry form must be completed. This is a contract (agreement) signed by the student, parent, doctor and PHS Administration.

Health Care Action Plan (HCAP) forms:
In addition to the Medical Permission forms, there are more specific forms that address your student's needs. Please select the one or more that apply. Use the Basic HCAP form for others.

High School Medication Self-Carry Authorization
HCAP Allergies
HCAP Asthma


Immunizations are required to attend all schools in the Poudre School District.  There are 3 very important documents you must read.  These documents will explain not only the immunization requirements to enter (and) attend Poudre High School, but also the Larimer County Health Department policies and laws for all students in the District.

1. State of Colorado Immunization Law
2. Immunization Schedule
3. Tdap (This immunization is required for all current 10th and 11th graders.)

Immunizations are available at:
Larimer County Health Department
525 Blue Spruce Drive, Fort Collins 498-6700

They provide a walk-in immunization clinic open to the general public ( If you chose to go there, you save money as you won't have to pay your physician for a visit or administration fee).

Additional Resources

The Counseling Department is comprised of caring individuals who are advocates for students and parents.  Their role is to provide guidance and support in academic, career, social and emotional choices. They will help you find the best resources for your individual needs.

Fort Net (a parent education network of services in Fort Collins)

Hospice of Larimer County (grief counseling)

Larimer Center for Mental Health

Mental Health Connections (a Larimer County directory of services)

Suicide Resource Center