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What is PaCE?

The Professional and Community Experience (PaCE) program provides opportunities for Poudre High School students to gain work skills and career experience through partnerships with businesses, professionals, and organizations in the Fort Collins area. PaCE is a structured education strategy integrating weekly seminars with learning through productive work experiences in a field related to a student's academic or career goals. 

Why Enroll in PaCE?

  • Earn school credit for paid job experience and volunteer work
  • Explore a variety of jobs, industries, and careers
  • Determine which work environments best suit you
  • Learn from employers and mentors in the community
  • Build a career network
  • Leave high school with a career direction and connections in the community

Who may be in PaCE?

Students must be a junior or senior to enroll in the PaCE program at Poudre High School. Students may also enroll in Summer PaCE during the summer between their junior and senior years to earn credit for summer work.

How much Credit can be Earned?

  • Paid work: 25 hours = 1 credit
  • Volunteer work: 15 hours = 1 credit
  • Juniors and Seniors can earn a maximum of 10 credits per semester
  • Summer students can earn a maximum of 5 credits
  • PaCE students can earn a maximum of 40 credits while in the program.

How do I Enroll In PaCE?

Register for PaCE with your counselor.

Jacqui Walz
PaCE Director

Wendy Bryner
PaCE Coordinator

Job Openings Needed

PaCE students are in need of paid jobs, apprenticeships, and internships in the Fort Collins and Wellington areas. If you have positions suitable for high school students, please let us know when you have an opening and we will send you candidates.

Guest Speakers Wanted

If you would like to speak to a PaCE class about your career, business, industry, or work related topics, please contact us.

Jacqui Walz
PaCE Director

Wendy Bryner
PaCE Coordinator