Year at a Glance Counseling Calendar

School Counselors’ Annual calendar

• Schedule changes
• Register new students
• Foreign Exchange Registration
• Update all 504 plans
• Set up Rotary/Kiwanis visitation schedule
• National Merit Scholarship coordination
• School is Cool supplies coordination
• Back to school night
• Update counseling website links

• Senior conferences
• Poudre Pals Training/Assign Poudre Pals
• PSAT prep
• Naviance teacher recommendation training
• Freshman Seminar Presentations
• Update AP database
• Letters or recommendations/College Applications
• ESL Schedule changes
• Front Range Community College meeting
• Foreign Exchange Student lunch
• Advisory Committee meeting
• STAT meeting
• Update Naviance prior to Sr. conferences
• Prepare Naviance for college application process
• District High School counseling meeting

• Senior Conferences
• Curriculum Guide Preparation/ Departments
• PSAT-test administration
• Out of State College Fair
• IB Classroom Guidance 11th College prep/Naviance
• Classroom Guidance for 9-11th ( transition, career/college prep)
• Family Financial Aid Night -CSU
• Letters of recommendations/college applications
• McKinney planning
• Senior applications/ELA
• Parent Teacher conferences
• Suicide Awareness presentation
• Peace Circles
• ELA monitoring
• D/F List – 1st quarter grade monitoring
• AVID class presentations – Naviance
• STAT Team

• Curriculum guide preparation/ print
• Coordinate middle school registrations and collect calendars from middle schools
• Develop registration process schedule
• Letters of Recommendation/College Applications
• MYP 8th grade information nights (3)
• MYP Classroom guidance: grade 9 adjustment- grade 10- stress management
• Meet with District HS counselor to determine registration process and calendar
• McKinney
• D/F list
• Front Range Community College meeting
• House Bill applications

• Print curriculum guide
• Prep. Registration materials (course program application(s), SPED sheet, course request sheet -9th,10th,11th,12th)
• Prep for registration process (middle and high schools)
• Determine registration presentations and counselors assigned
• College applications/letters of recommendation
• MYP application meeting
• Schedule changes for 2nd semester
• Angel Fund prep
• District High School counseling meeting
• HYPE meeting

• Complete and finalize all registration material
• Registration meeting with department
• Begin registration process at middle and senior high school
• Mid-year reports
• Update IB registration forms and materials
• ELA presentations
• College applications
• AP Reminders
• Front Range Community College field trip for partnership program
• FRCC meeting
• Angel Fund
• Junior conferences


• Begin Graduation march plans
• Continue registration process (presentations and collection)
• IB registration (9th grade)
• Classroom guidance ( 10th grade-college planning)
• Gather freshman Academy nominations
• IB Parent night and registration process
• Upcoming 9th grade parent information night
• AP sign up
• McKinney
• Junior conferences


• Parent teacher conferences
• Suicide awareness presentation
• Poudre Pals interviews
• End of registration process/collection
• Post preliminary graduation list
• Final registration numbers to Administration (prior to Spring Break)
• Develop preliminary graduation seating
• IB Registration  (10th  grade-night presentation 10th grade- classroom)
• Review course requests- fix mistakes
• Newsweek top high school application/data collection
• AP Test ordering
• District High School counseling meeting
• FRCC applications review and decisions
• 3rd quarter- 12th grader graduation check (IFOU letter)
• D/F list – Monitor 3rd quarter grades
• Update NCAA Clearinghouse Core Courses
• CSAP Testing
• FRCC meeting
• McKinney

• Develop march order and alphabetical order lists
• Post march order (late April)
• Master schedule (IB conflict resolution)
• Junior conferences (IB)
• Senior credit checks (IB)
• F/D/I conferences (IB)
• IB orientation meeting
• IB classroom guidance (9th- career exploration/Naviance and 10th RAPP Suicide Awareness Prevention)
• ACT (juniors)
• McKinney
• Course request sheets to Math, Music and World Language (DL) for approval
• Hype – Cinco De Mayo planning
• Summer staff planning
• Dream team picnic
• ELA pre-registration review/cleanup
• Advisory Counsel meeting
• House Bill Applications

• Refine March order (with changes)
• Graduation practice set-up
• Graduation day set-up
• Convocation day set-up
• HYPE- Cinco De Mayo
• Scholarship Breakfast Celebration
• 504 coordination with Junior High
• Naviance student survey (9th-12th)
• Master schedule conflicts resolution (each counselor’s caseload)
• Class schedule for caseloads
• End of the year check out for all grade levels
• Schedule changes (for following year)
• Graduation issues-Naviance
• McKinney Project report due
• AP testing
• Rose ceremony ELA
• IB Convocation, Convocation, Graduation
• Final transcript to colleges for seniors
• Final transcript to NCAA clearinghouse for all college bound athletes

Year Round Activities
• Caseload duties (specific alphabet)
       Jr./Sr. conferences
       504 and SPED staffing
       5-year plan presentations
      College applications and letters of recommendation
• Consult in crisis situations
• Individual student guidance
• Newsletter editing
• Dept. Leader meetings
• PLC Meetings
• RTI (Response to Intervention) meetings
• Collaboration with outside agencies (mental health, legal, etc.)
• Schedule changes (add/drops)