2015 Scholastics Art and Writing Awards

I just want to share with you some of the awesome work the PHS art students are doing!  We recently got back our winners for the 2015 Scholastics Art and Writing Awards.  Total we had 33 awards, 30 of those for individual works of art and three for portfolios. A portfolio consists 8 works of art and two of those winners won the highest award possible!  All students who won a gold key will go on to the national competition. 

Please congratulate the following students for their accomplishments:

Gold Key Portfolios
Kailee Bosch
Sara Hutchinson

Honorable Mention Portfolio
Kern Tamkun, Pairs on Pairs

Gold Key
Kailee Bosch, Discover
Kailee Bosch, Alive
Kailee Bosch, Direction
Ariane Caldwell, Devin
Cecelia Herff, Fallen Flower
Kellee Meiners, Point
Eric Polhemus, Dust
Eisen Tamkun, Floating Foot
Kern Tamkun, Summer Sunset Platter

Silver Key
Nicholas Hodges, Footsteps
Sara Hutchinson, Perspective Part 1
Audrey Kokesh, Magic
Nika Linn, Sliver
Reilly Miller, Cold Scene
Julia Schmidt, Thing 1 and 2
Sydney Wewerka, Elevated
Jacob Long, Steps in Water
Naomi Dunn, Pen and Ink
Lana Kinnear, Charcoal Portrait of Dog

Honorable Mention
Isabel Betsill, Freckles
Madison Bradley, Abstract
Ariane Caldwell, Say I Won't
Sarah Flach, The Structure
Sara Hutchinson, Private Eyes
Anson MacKinney, A Natural Exchange
Sarah McFadden, Phosphorescent Obsolescence
Kern Tamkun, Pairs on Pairs
Kern Tamkun, Rising From Waves
Kern Tamkun, Loopy Teapot
Eisen Tamkun, Squeezed 

Sara Harris : Poudre High School Art Teacher