Finals Exempt Policy - Fall 2017

The Finals Exempt Policy is as follows:

A student who earns an “A” in a course is exempt from finals in that specific course.
Should a student earn a grade below an “A,” he or she will be required to take a final exam in that particular class.
Grades will be pulled on December 15th at 3:30pm to qualify for finals exempt status.
Please note: This policy pertains to year-long classes and is for first semester finals only.
If a student elects to take a final in a class that (s)he has received an exemption, the exam will only count only if it raises the final grade.
Finals are required in all semester-long courses. All students take end of year finals.

Final exams will be proctored on December 19th and 20th, with make-ups on the 21st.  There will not be an opportunity to take final exams earlier than December 19th.  Please check your grades regularly on StudentVUE the next couple weeks so you know where you stand before finals week.  Grades as of 3:30 on Friday, December 15th will determine your exempt status.

Thank you,

PHS Admin