Update 3/20/20

Welcome back from spring break and to a new learning experience for us all!

The first week, will include enrichment activities and reinforcement of learning for your student while as a school we work through logistics as to what this new learning environment will look like. We will be assessing students' internet access and supporting our teachers in preparing their remote learning platforms. 

On Monday morning, your student will receive an email from his/her advisory teacher asking students to respond with “yes I have internet access ” or "no, I do not have internet access." The students who respond that they do not have home internet access or who do not respond to the email will be contacted directly by a school employee to make a plan for their learning for the upcoming weeks.

A Google Presentation will be sent out by their advisory teacher that explains what the students’ expectations are regarding remote learning, as well as tips for a successful experience. We have learned through talking with other schools who have been through something similar the importance of keeping a schedule. We are asking teachers and students to follow their normal daily schedule as far as “class time” and the best times to contact their teachers. 

 We also recognize that many students rely on the school’s breakfast and lunch program. Food distribution will be available at Poudre High School, Monday thru Friday from 12:00 to 1:00 PM starting on Monday, March 23rd. This will be similar to a drive through scenario. Please drive to the backside of Poudre High School by the commons and the food will be delivered to your car-- you will not need to get out of your car or enter the building. 

This will be a challenging experience for all of us as we navigate this new world of online learning. Please be patient with your child and teachers as we all do our best to provide the best learning opportunities possible.