A Message From Principal Kathy Mackay

Principal Kathy Mackay's Letter to Families Regarding Student's Social Media Post

May 30, 2020

Dear Poudre High School families,  

Tonight, I was made aware of an appalling and racist image posted on what appears to be a Poudre High School student’s personal Instagram account. I contacted the student’s parents immediately and asked that the post be taken down. Despite responding quickly, we know that hundreds of students and community members saw the post before it was removed.  

We take this situation very seriously. District administrators are gathering information and assessing the situation to determine next steps. The contents of the post’s photo and text are inappropriate and hurtful at any time. They are especially so this week, given the deep pain and fear members of our Black community and people all over the world are experiencing after the death of George Floyd, an African American man who died while in police custody in Minnesota. 

I am angry and heartbroken that one of our students would post something like this. The post is racist, insensitive, and disgusting. We do not tolerate hate – at Poudre High or in PSD. We want all students in our school to feel safe and supported. 

The actions of one student do not reflect us all. At PHS, we pride ourselves in following the spirit of Ubuntu. Artifacts of our culture are displayed with pride throughout the building. We celebrate the power of community and accepting everyone -- no matter who they vote for, the color of their skin, their faith or who they love.  


Kathy Mackay