Quarter 1 Finals

PHS Fall Finals 2020

Who takes finals?

All students take finals in courses that officially end at quarter and award 5-credits for passing grades. 

In 10-credit courses, those that meet for two quarters, students may earn a finals exemption (for first quarter only) if they have an A in the course by the Monday of finals week, October 12.  

Some teachers of courses that award 10 credits (semester-long or two quarters) may opt out of administering a final exam at the end of the quarter. Instead, these classes will continue with content. 

Grades will be pulled for finals exempt status on October 12th at 4:05pm

When are finals administered?

Seniors: In order to accommodate SAT testing for seniors, it is recommended that finals be split to allow periods 1 and 2 finals to be taken on Tuesday, October 13, and that periods 3 and 4 finals be taken on Thursday, October 15th. This prevents putting students in a situation where they would have to test all day Wednesday and then not have time to study for the next day's finals. However, some teachers may modify when their class administers its final based on the pacing of the curriculum.

Freshmen - Juniors: teachers may administer finals at any time during finals week. 

FRCC classes have deadlines specific to FRCC, so date of administration of finals for FRCC classes is up to teacher discretion.

Teachers will communicate to all students when to expect to take a final exam for the class.