10th-12th Grade Oct. 19 & 20

Parents of 10th-12th grade students,

We're excited to start our second quarter with you in the hybrid model. For October 19th and 20th, 10th-12th grade students will be learning remotely as we use those days to orient the Freshmen to our building and the new safety protocols for this year. Here is what you can expect your students to be doing on the 19th and 20th from home:

  • If your student is in a FRCC, AP or IB class, the teacher may be communicating to them that they will be meeting synchronously during the designated class period. Please remind your students to check their emails.

  • All other students will be engaged in asynchronous learning. What this means is that they have 2 training modules to complete on the 19th and another 2 training modules to complete on the 20th. They can complete those any time during the day up until 4:05pm. Completion of these training videos will serve as their attendance for the days. 

  • These training modules are videos created by students in our Video Production class to train all PHS students on our new health and safety protocols. They include information on COVID symptoms, when to stay home, social distancing at PHS, rules for wearing masks, cleaning protocols, etc.

  • We will send emails Monday and Tuesday morning at 8:00am to all 10th-12th grade students with this information, including links to the videos and the follow-up assessments.

It's critical that all students view these videos and complete the assessments to demonstrate to us that they know the new safety protocols that will be enforced once they return to in-person learning. The health of our students and staff is our utmost priority, and it will take all of us upholding these expectations to keep us safe and well.