Student Laptops

Need to connect at home? You must use Internet Explorer initially to connect. 

  1. Log in to the laptop
  2. Connect to your home Wi-Fi
  3. Open Internet Explorer which will open the PHS home page (don't worry, you can use another browser soon).
  4. Go to Quick Links – Mobile Login or click this link. 
  5. Enter your credentials and you will directed to the PSD Home Page.
  6. Only then can use other browsers such as Chrome or Firefox.

***Chrome often kicks you out after 15-20 mins and doesn’t warn you.***

Students and parents,

In order to get a district provided laptop you must do the following:

1. Go to training or parents can watch the video

    "PSD Provided Device Effective Practices"

2. Read the PSD Family & Student Computer Handbook - Reference highly effective guidance for a safe online learning experience.

3. Sign the user agreement
Read, Discuss & Sign: PSD Provided Device user agreement
En Español: Acuerdo de Familia y Estudiante Para Uso de la Computadora Portátil

4. Pay one-time $50 fee OR Qualify for Free/Reduced lunch.
The application for Free/Reduced is online.

Link to the district site for PSD Provided Device Resources