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Started teaching in 2003 in Central Texas. Since then I have taught in Costa Rica, Mexico, and Colorado. Graduated with a B.A. in Comm/Spanish in 2002 from Texas A&M - Whooop!! Yes I'm proud to be a Texas Aggie.

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I was born and raised in Mexico and came to the U.S. when I was a sophomore in H.S. Besides teaching, fútbol (soccer) and music are a passion of mine. I've been coaching since 2003 and have had the opportunity to coach at multiple levels including national and professional teams. Traveling and living abroad are also interest of mine. Learning new cultures and people and languages are rewarding experiences that I treasure everywhere I go. 

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"Soccer is not a sport, it's a lifestyle" - Miguel Aguero

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Spanish II

Spanish III - Heritage Speakers

Spanish VI - AP Literature