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221, World Language
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B.A. California State University, Chico,1993

English language development license, Glendale, California. 

Masters in Bilingual and ESL Curriculum and Instruction. 

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As a daughter of two teachers, I have dreamed of teaching my entire life. I grew up in Southern California and moved to Colorado in 1998. I have taught in Los Angeles county, Washington state, Chicago before moving to Colorado.  Since 2007 I have been teaching in Poudre Schools. I have the privilege of teaching students from around the globe the English language, as well as American culture.  I am a mother of three beautiful children and am married to a fantastic man. I love to read, run, bike and garden. 

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"Nothing beautiful comes without some suffering," Desmond Tutu.

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Newcomer Language Arts Level 1

Newcomer Language Arts Level 2

Reading Study Skills

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The students are my favorite part of this job, though our staff is pretty remarkable as well. I get to teach students from Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey, China, Korea, France, Columbia, Guatemala, Mongolia, Taiwan, Libya, Iraq, Philippines, Vietnam, and Haiti! There is nothing quite like when they start to really learn the language.  Seeing actual growth is incredible.  We start the year with a video tape where I ask simple questions that they truly cannot understand, and end the year with them writing two page autobiographies and creating a short autobiographical movie. I like when they are able to communicate feelings easily, begin writing paragraphs with comfort, and read great books - all in English.  Teaching the "sour" while they taste a lemon, and "crunchy" while they devour chips is a blast.  I love to laugh with them about all the funny things that happen in a day; high schoolers are amazing to be around!  Going on field trips in our community is just cool; real estate brokers, local owners of restaurants, museums, coffee shops, and the landfill wait for my call each year to meet my students. Teaching generations of students forces me to keep fresh, creative, in touch, and to work hard.