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-Enterprise High School (2002-2006)

-B.S. Environmental Science, Resource Management, University of Washington (2006-2010)

-Soon to be Grad-student at Colorado State University (Master's in Education....teaching certification in High School Biology)

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Introduction to Health Science and Human Services 

Athletic Weights 

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Poudre High School’s Strength and Conditioning program is designed to develop and enhance all student athletes mentally and physically with the goal of improving performance on and off the playing field. Our mission is two-fold: 

1)    Produce strong, powerful, explosive, agile and coordinated athletes that show consistent improvement throughout their high school athletic careers. 
2)    Produce healthy and motivated athletes that have the technical skills, will power and confidence to continue their pursuit of fitness beyond high school.

Our programming is sport specific and is built on the foundation of sound nutrition and mechanical technique. It includes a combination of powerlifting, plyometrics, balance and stability work and monostructural movements that, when infused with a healthy dose of intensity, serve to increase work capacity and body functionality in all of our athletes. We firmly believe that strength and conditioning is a vital component of athletic success in every sport, and will drive positive results within each individual athlete and across our athletic department. 

Finally, our goal is to inspire athletes to build camaraderie and character within their teams. We aim to foster a motivating atmosphere that encourages athletes to pursue excellence in character and athleticism.  Team spirit and unity will never be compromised for the benefit of one individual.