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About Me
Educational Background: 

-Enterprise High School (2002-2006)

-B.S. Environmental Science, Resource Management, University of Washington (2006-2010)

-Soon to be Grad-student at Colorado State University (Master's in Education....teaching certification in High School Biology)

Biographical Sketch: 

I grew up in Redding, CA...which is a relatively small city in Northern California. If you look at a map, you will likely see a big green oval in the middle of California that represents the "Central Valley"....this is the hot, flat agricultural area of California that produces citrus fruits, avacados, nuts and grains. Redding is loated right at the very Northernmost tip of that strip of green... it is surrounded by mountains on three sides- it gets super hot in the summer, and it only snows about once every other year. 

I moved to Seattle, WA to attend college at UW, where I majored in Environmental Science and ran XC and Track and Field for the Huskies. I absolutely loved the Pacific Northwest. If you ever want to experience something uncannily "alive"....go to the Olympic Penninsula on the Northwestern corner of Washignton. There, you will walk through a temperate rainforest, enveloped in intesnse GREEN. Everything you see will be covered in green plants. You will also stand underneath some of the oldest and biggest trees in the world. 

After college, I moved to North Dakota, where I expereienced the most extreme cold I have ever known. I studied grassland ecology at Noth Dakota State University for a year and a half before moving back home to California.

I got married in June of 2012 and moved to Fort Collins to be with my husband, Sean, who was studying Biochemistry at CSU. He is currently working on his PhD and we both love it here in Fort Collins!

A bit about me and my appraoch to coaching athletes: 

I’m a 26-year-old outdoor enthusiast, slightly masochistic fitness connoisseur, and an extremely passionate pursuer of athletics. I coach the distance events for Poudre High School’s Track and Field Team, as well as Strength and Conditioning for all sports at Poudre. I believe I have a passion for athletics for a purpose; to encourage and inspire others through sport and fitness.

My own athletic career was born out of a deep love of flying and flipping around the gymnastics gym where I spent as much time as I possible could as a young girl. After many years of gymnastics, I retired my leotards and donned a pair of basketball shoes. I played basketball until my Senior year of high school, when I decided to focus on the sports that would carry me through college- cross country and track and field.

I competed in Cross Country and Track and Field at the University of Washington, where I was surrounded by elite athletes and coaches for four years. I competed in the middle distance events, as well as the heptathlon. After completing my running career, I began competing in Cross Fit, known as the “sport of fitness”.

Cross Fit programming includes a strict focus on “functional fitness”. Through my training, I have learned how to combine Olympic lifting and other forms of strength training with cardiovascular endurance. This formula helped me run faster than I ever did as a collegiate track athlete. I became stronger, more explosive, and less prone to over-use injuries common to the sport of track and field. Also- I learned to simply enjoy athletics even more as I developed confidence in my body’s ability to withstand physical challenges.

I have had a lot of fun training and competing in my own athletic career and I’m thankful that I’ve been blessed with the athletic ability, energy level, will power, gumption and mental clarity it takes to perform well.  I am also thankful for the lessons I have learned from training, competing and being surrounded by elite level athletes and coaches for so many years. My own coaching style and training theories have been pieced together from the diverse experiences I have had in my athletic career.

I believe sport is a lens through which I will always make sense of life’s challenges, as well as a portal through which I can effectively reach my community. This belief is what fuels my desire to coach young aspiring athletes. I want to help develop their physical athleticism as well as guide their mental approach toward athletics- on a path to improved performance, character and confidence on the playing field and in life in general. 

My Classroom
Courses Taught: 

We work with anyone and everyone from Poudre who wants to improve their fitness, wellness, and/or athletic performance! 

About My Classroom: 

Poudre High School’s Strength and Conditioning program is designed to develop and enhance all student athletes mentally and physically with the goal of improving performance on and off the playing field. Our mission is two-fold: 

1)    Produce strong, powerful, explosive, agile and coordinated athletes that show consistent improvement throughout their high school athletic careers. 
2)    Produce healthy and motivated athletes that have the technical skills, will power and confidence to continue their pursuit of fitness beyond high school.

Our programming is sport specific and is built on the foundation of sound nutrition and mechanical technique. It includes a combination of powerlifting, plyometrics, balance and stability work and monostructural movements that, when infused with a healthy dose of intensity, serve to increase work capacity and body functionality in all of our athletes. We firmly believe that strength and conditioning is a vital component of athletic success in every sport, and will drive positive results within each individual athlete and across our athletic department. 

Finally, our goal is to inspire athletes to build camaraderie and character within their teams. We aim to foster a motivating atmosphere that encourages athletes to pursue excellence in character and athleticism.  Team spirit and unity will never be compromised for the benefit of one individual.