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Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, Fall 1996, Colorado State University.
Study of Chinese Language, 1997-1999, Hangzhou University, China
Masters in Mathematics Education, December 2013, University of Northern Colorado

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I grew up on a cattle ranch in Southwestern Colorado. I enjoy returning to the ranch to help irrigate and move cattle. After graduating from CSU in 1996, I moved to China where I studied Chinese language for two years. Upon returning to the States in 1999, I started teaching at Poudre High School. I have taught Integrated Math I, II and III, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, College Algebra, Discrete Math, Data Analysis and Probability, Precalculus, IB Math Studies SL and IB Mathematics SL. I have been teaching MYP classes since 2005. I earned a Master's Degree in Mathematics Teaching through the University of Northern Colorado and the University of Wyoming in 2013.

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MYP Algebra 1
MYP Geometry
MYP Algebra 2
Discrete Math
Data Analysis and Probability
MYP Precalculus
IB Math Studies SL
IB Mathematics SL