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324 and Annex C
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Batchelor of Science in Geology - University of Vermont 1987

Master of Science - Geochemistry - Northern Illinois University - 1990

Master of Educational Leadership - Colorado State University - 2006

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I'm originally from Manchester, Vermont, where my life revolved around skiing.  In high school I was inspired by my English teacher, and so on my first foray into college at UVM I declared an English major, with the intention of becoming a teacher myself.  It didn't go well - let's just say as a 17 year-old I wasn't emotionally ready for college!  Skiing was still my main interest, so as an 18 year-old I packed up my little car and drove across the country to Winter Park, Colorado, where I spent two years living the dream teaching skiing and racing.  Two years was enough.  Back in my hometown, I fell in love with a girl I had known since we were kids and then followed her back to UVM.  I also found a love of the geosciences.  My second foray in to higher education was WAY better!  I loved what I was studying, and I was connected to the small-ish community of geo-nerds.  After getting my master's degree (and marrying Sheri), I/we signed up for the Peace Corps.  We spent two years in Honduras, where I made geologic maps and designed water systems for small communities in the mountains.  On returning I took a job with the US Geological Survey as a geochronologist, a job which eventually landed me at CSU doing similar work.  I still had the calling to be a teacher, though, so I left my first career and got my teaching credentials at CSU.  I started working at Poudre in 2007, teaching science and math to English Learners.  In 2012 I was tempted back into geochemistry with an offer to take my family to Norway.  We lived in Oslo for 6 months, where my kids were in second-language programs much like the one I was teaching in here at Poudre.  After returning to the US, it wasn't long before I felt the pull back to Poudre.  So I left that career again!  I'm back here where I belong! 

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Chance favors the prepared mind.  -- Louis Pasteur (I think!).

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MYP Geometry, Geometry in Construction, Algebra 2

Assistant Coach: Cross Country