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Hi! My name is Steve Butler and I work with the staff and students at PHS to better use the technology in the building and find the best solutions for technological issues. Most recently I have been working with staff and students on the application and understanding of technology in the building. I have been at PHS for 11 years and before that I was with Kinko's for 18 1/2 years where I wore many hats and had multiple responsibilities.

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I was born and raised in Newark, OH where I graduated from the Ohio State University with a B.A. in Liberal Arts with a focus on English and Education. My kids are both graduates of Poudre High School. Both kids have been in the IB program since kindergarten. My wife Leslie has been teaching at Odea for the past 13 years. We have been proud Fort Collins residents since 1993. I am honored to be part of the Poudre tradition and I am happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the technology in the building.