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Room 100/101, Annex I,J
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I am a graduate of Colorado State University with a Bachelor Degree in Applied Human Sciences/Minor in Nutrition, in 1994. I received my teaching license in Consumer and Family Studies. 

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I am a Colorado native and grew up in Boulder. I attended CSU and married my high school sweetheart in 1993. We love adventure and getting in the mountains as much as possible. We have three kids and they love to explore the mountains with us. I love to garden, cook, eat good food, paint, read, run, mountain bike, hike, ski and really anything that involves a trail! For twenty years, I worked with CRU campus ministry, alongside my husband, at KU- Lawrence, University of Zaragoza- Spain and here at CSU. I spent many years teaching, coaching and mentoring students and I am so glad to be back in the education world working with high schoolers. 

My Classroom
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Catering 1/Intro to Foods

Interior Design

Sociology of Relationships 

Teen Choices

Financial Life Management

Foods, Nutrition and Wellness

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I have always loved helping others learn and teaching practical life skills. I love food, wellness, being in community with others, and the outdoors. My classes represent my passions and I love getting to know students- finding out where they are coming from and how to help them live out their full potential to help make this world a better place.