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(970) 488-6150
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Master of Arts in English - Colorado State University, 2011

Bachelor of Arts in English - Colorado State University, 2001 (Concentration: Education)

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I grew up in the suburbs of Sacramento, California and moved to Colorado Springs the summer between my freshman and sophomore years of high school - not the best timing, and one of the life events that would eventually lead to my passion for working with young adults. I finished my undergraduate degree at CSU in May of 2001 and was hired to teach at Poudre. My husband and I planned only to remain in Fort Collins for a year or two while he finished his graduate coursework, but we both found jobs we loved and couldn't bring ourselves to leave the Choice City. We are still here all these years later, with three daughters who all attend PSD schools.

Outside of being a teacher (and wife and mother and friend), I enjoy running, cooking, baking, skiing, hiking, camping, reading, and traveling. I am a closet poet and crossword puzzle addict; I have a terrible memory for names and details but can recite random bank account and phone numbers as well as obscure poetry and monologues. I am an eternal student - both at CSU (I have only made it through 5 of the last 20 years without enrolling in at least one class) and in general. Whether I am reading or interacting with others, I am always asking questions, reflecting, learning, and becoming.

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“Discontent is a good thing: people can modify and improve their worlds, leave them better, leave them different, if they're discontented” - Neil Gaiman

My Classroom
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IB World Authors 2 (12th)


Pre-IB/MYP English 9: Introduction to Classical and World Literature

Pre-IB/MYP English 10: American and British Literature

IB World Authors 1 (11th)

World Literature

United States Literature

E402: Teaching Composition (CSU pre-service teacher course)