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(970) 488-6150
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Master of Arts in English - Colorado State University, 2011

Bachelor of Arts in English - Colorado State University, 2001 (Concentration: Education)

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In 2001, when I accepted my position at PHS, my husband and I planned only to remain in Fort Collins for a year or two while he finished his graduate coursework. I began my teaching career at Poudre High School in the fall of 2001; I began my master's coursework in the spring of that same year. I taught only one IB/MYP class that first year and was so enthused by the program's philosophy of education that I jumped at the opportunity to move to teaching IB almost exclusively the following year. After five rewarding years of teaching in the MYP, I moved on to teach DP in the fall of 2006 and have remained there since. Enamored by all the program has to offer, I took on the role of CAS Coordinator in 2009 and have continued in that role as well. Over the years, I have advised, mentored, and supervised students in Personal Project, Extended Essay, and CAS; my experience with IB led me as far as to pursue spots for my children at IB schools in PSD. That one or two years in Fort Collins somehow finds me here over a decade later, so changed by this special place that I have not been able to part from it. Though I am not a Poudre alum, my blood runs blue and silver!

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“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” - Aristotle

My Classroom
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IB World Authors 2 (12th)


Pre-IB/MYP English 9: Introduction to Classical and World Literature

Pre-IB/MYP English 10: American and British Literature

IB World Authors 1 (11th)

World Literature

United States Literature

E402: Teaching Composition (CSU pre-service teacher course)