I am who I am because of who we are

I am who I am because of who we are

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Rebecca Harrison

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Educational Background: 

I am a PHS alum.
I graduated from CSU with a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics in 2002.
I graduated from UNC with a Master's Degree in Mathematics in 2011.

Biographical Sketch: 

My husband and I have two children, ages 13 and 8.

Favorite Quote: 

Education: "It's not about making learning happen, it's about letting it happen." - Sugata Mitra

Courses Currently Taught: 

Algebra 2
College Algebra

About My Classroom: 

My classroom format involves a lot of student discussion and problem-solving. The students are challenged to try problems without being given direct instruction first. They are always encouraged to work together and I am always available to help guide them. 

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