I am who I am because of who we are

I am who I am because of who we are

Attendance Policy

PHS Attendance Policy

This policy is printed in the Student Handbook.  Please read the policies and procedures of PHS in their entirety to ensure a smooth experience for your child.

We recognize that regular class attendance is one of the most important aspects of a student's educational program. There is a strong correlation between consistent class attendance, parental involvement and academic success. Student attendance is primarily the responsibility of the student and parent/guardian. Your parent/guardian may call 488-6002 at anytime to report an excused absence. All absences not reported within 48 hours will remain permanently unexcused. Students who accumulate 3 or more unexcused absences in a class will be required to attend ISS or In School Suspension to make up the missed time.  Failure to attend ISS will result in further disciplinary actions for insubordination. 

Students! Please be aware that lying or giving false information to a District employee will result in suspension! Only a parent/guardian may excuse your absences from class. Please be aware of the following policies:

  • The Attendance Office’s automated calling machine will make daily calls to your home to report each unexcused absence. It does not make calls for tardies. It is very important to keep your contact information updated in order for the school to effectively communicate with your parents/guardians.
  • Absences not excused by a parent/guardian within 48 hours of the absence, will permanently remain unexcused and the student may be subject to disciplinary actions.
  • The previous day’s absences are posted daily across from the Attendance Office. It is the STUDENT’S responsibility to check the attendance list for individual class absences. If the student believes an error has occurred, they should notify the teacher immediately.
  • Parents and students are strongly encouraged to use the ParentVUE and StudentVUE to monitor their attendance. To access ParentVUE, visit the PHS website at http://phs.psdschools.org/, click on the "Parents" tab and then "ParentVUE", located on the left hand side of the screen.  For StudentVUE, click on "Students" and then "StudentVUE", also located on the left side of the screen. 
  • Parents, if you don't have a ParentVUE account, please contact the Registrar's in the Counseling Office to get access.
  • SENIORS & JUNIORS may take two days during the year as school excused absences to visit colleges, if they pick up a visitation form from the Guidance Office or Attendance Office prior to their trip. Days not used in junior year do not carry over to senior year.

For the purpose of administrating this policy, absenteeism shall be defined as a student’s absence from class or a tardy in excess of 10 minutes. Parents are expected to call daily when their student is absent. The attendance office number is available 24 hours a day. NOTES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED TO EXCUSE AN ABSENCE.

Examples of Justifiable Cause for Absenteeism:

  • Medical Reasons / Funeral
  • Extended Illness with Doctor Verification
  • Religious Observances / Court

The school may require suitable proof regarding the above exceptions, including written documentation from medial sources.


EXCUSED ABSENCES = A parent or guardian authorizes or excuses the absence. Students will be given the same number of days absent to make up work that was missed (i.e. out two days ill, two days to make up work.)

Students must pick up a pre-arranged absence form from the attendance office. The student must have the form signed by a parent or guardian, each teacher and an administrator. The completed form must be given to the attendance office prior to the absence.

SCHOOL EXCUSED ABSENCES = A staff member authorizes or excuses the absence due to a school function. This absence does not impact the
student’s finals exempt status. Students are expected to find out what work will be missed while they are gone and to hand in missed assignments upon their return to class (i.e. out of school Thursday for a choir concert, work is due on Friday.)

UNEXCUSED ABSENCES OR SUSPENSIONS = Absence due to truancy or disciplinary action

Students will be given the opportunity to make-up missed work for partial credit.

There will now be a 2-minute tardy window, rather than the previous 10-minute window.  What this means is that students have 5 minutes to transition between classes, and an additional 2 minutes by which they will be marked “Tardy” if they are not in class by the time the bell rings.  Students arriving beyond the 2-minute window will be marked absent and the unexcused absence policy will be in effect.  What we noticed in the past was that with a 10-minute window, many students would not head to class until they would hear the one-minute warning bell.  We hope that by limiting the tardy window, students will head straight to class!  

We'd like to make you aware of changes in this year's finals exempt policy.  Poudre is the only high school with a finals exempt policy.  The objective is to serve as a motivator for student attendance and achievement.   The new finals exempt policy for school year 2014-2015 is as follows:

A student who earns an "A" in a course is exempt from finals in that specific course.  Should a student earn a grade below and "A," he or she will be required to take a final exam in that particular class.

  • This policy pertains to year-long classes only and is for first semester finals only.
  • If a student elects to take a final in a class that (s)he has received an exemption, the exam will only count if it raises the final grade.
  • Finals are required in all semester-long courses.
  • All students must take end of year finals.