I am who I am because of who we are

I am who I am because of who we are

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I was born and raised in FoCo to a family of teachers. The school year was filled with learning (fav courses were math & science) and summer was filled with road-trips to all over the United States! I have been to 47 of the 50 states as well as abroad in several places in Europe and Central America (and Canada, our friends to the north). I graduated from Poudre and have found myself back here as a teacher. That's CRAZY! I have such a deep appreciation for the teachers at PHS who have made me into the life-long learner I am today. And I also truly honored to be a peer among them today. I was also a IB kid while here at Poudre with an HL (higher level) in Chemistry.

After high school, I thought it time to live somewhere outside of Colorado and chose a small town in southern Minnesota. I attended Gustavus Adolphus College, a small liberal arts school in St. Peter, MN, and absolutely loved it! I enrolled as a chemistry major but that quickly turned into a chemistry teaching major when I realized my love edcuation both as student and teacher. My time at Gustavus was spent being a teaching assistant for chem labs, a tutor, vice-president of our chemistry club and an RA for one year. In the summers I returned to Colorado to work summer jobs, including 2 summers at a camp at 9,200 ft evaluation where I was a backpacking coordinator and had many encounters with various types of wildlife.

After graduation, I returned home to my roots in Colorado and received my Colorado Teaching Certification. I taught one year of chemistry and biology at Berthoud High School as well as being their STEM Coordinator. That job gave me some great experience before ultimately I landed here at good ol' Poudre. Once an impala, always an impala. I did not know how or when, but I did know that my high school years would not be my last at PHS and I am very excited for this chapter of my teaching life. 

When not teaching or preparing for teaching or sleeping from teaching so much, I enjoy spending time with my family, seeing the sites and tasting the deliciousness that is the FoCo food scene, reading, watching movies, playing board games and enjoying nature. If I do not get at least one camping trip in per season, then my whole vibe is off. And of course, learning all that I can about the world and people around me.