I am who I am because of who we are

I am who I am because of who we are

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Damon Henry

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Educational Background: 

BS in Biology (Indiana University of Pennsylvania)

BS Science Education (Colorado State University)

MEd Secondary Science Education (Penn State University)




Earth Systems Science


About My Classroom: 

I strive to provide a welcoming and light hearted classroom where students are comfortable to build lasting pro-social relationships.  Students are also challenged with project-based hands-on science learning experiences that not only add to their content knowledge, but also enable them to make positive life decisions that impact their own well being as well as the health of society and the earth.

Biographical Sketch: 

I have always been interested in figuring out how things work?  My science passion has led me to become a teacher and work with some of the best adults and students in the world.  I started teaching in Colorado way back in 1994, but then moved to Pennsylvania so my wife could pursue her PhD.  While teaching in PA, I attended Penn State University and received my Master's degree from Penn State University.  We relocated to Colorado in 2002 and I began teaching in Poudre School District at Lincoln Middle School.  After many years at Lincoln, I moved to Poudre High School in pursuit of new challenges and experiences. 

Favorite Quote: 

The uncertainty of what lies ahead shall unfold in a beautiful way.